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Air Freight

Air Freight With a vast experience in the air cargo industry, AirGate ensures space availability when you need it most.
We are a reputable, credit worthy company with accounts at all airlines.

Road freight

leading international partners enable us to provide similar service levels internationally if required. Our local dedicated fleet of vehicles is all equipped and designed for specialist application,

Sea Freight

AIRGATE LOGISTICS GROUP is an independent freight forwarder operating with shipping agents worldwide to provide competitive rates and options for moving

Value-added Perishable Services

In addition to the dedicated and customized infrastructure, a range of specialist services ensures that product quality and freshness are maintained. Temperature recordings of the facility’s temperature are computer logged

Frozen goods handling

Duty operations and maintenance staff are available 24 hours, ensuring the best possible continuity and operational control. The facility is custom designed to maintain the cold chain integrity of air and road freight during receiving and dispatching.  

Hajj and Umrah

Hajj services: We have had the honor in recent years to provide services to pilgrims from Indonesia, India and Africans from Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Kenya, Cameroon, Republic of Benin and the Islamic Republic of Iran